The Wisdom of the Whales

Walfluke Whales have existed here on earth for a longer
time than any other creature.

They carry wisdom from ancient times.

They are connected to the star worlds. These star worlds guide their migrations
through the oceans, just as they also direct our life paths.

They are keepers of the wisdom of Love; the wisdom that Love is and always will be,
forever in every heart, even if we forget it that it's there.
Love is pulsating, living and supporting.

The love and the chants of the whales reminds us of the oneness and of Peace.
They remind us of the power and clarity that has existed for eternieties, regardless
of what our decisions and actions may have been.

The love of the whales touches the Peace that is in each and every one of us.
They remind us to be gentle with ourselves and with others. They remind us
how stron we can be when we respect this love in others and ourselves.

In recent years, the whales have been calling out to the "Whale Dreamers":
People who have dreams about whales.

And who receive messages from the whales. I am very glad to post them here.

Be touched by the blessings of the whales!