Vision Quest with whales and dolphins


In many shamanic traditions the spiritual search starts with the first
"vision quest".

The contact with the power of the unsiverse is sought through a ritual in
which the message is patiently awaited in a situation of quiet isolation.

As a animal spirit guide, whales and dolphins can guide us to these levels
of wisdom. They remind us of our true path through the ages to here
and now, and further into our future. In a vision quest we can ask them
for our vision, for our personal dream in life, and also for our mission in
this life.

A vision quest supports us in transformational phases and during those
periods of transition in life when we feel like we have lost our direction
and want to know the reasons why we have found ourselves in our
current situation.

Would you like to know more about yourself?

I would like to help you make contact with the whales and the dolphins to your own Space of Wisdom.

approx. 30 minutes / EUR 40,--



       Appointments can take place in Mannheim, at workshops abroad or via Skype.