Whales as animal spirit guides


In the traditions of the cultures of the Pacific regions, whales have been especially reverd as animal spirit
guides already since earlier times in history.

Even today, the most valuable ritual objects in the Maori culture are those that are made of whale bones.
The Australian Aborigines, the native-Americans living on the west coast of Canada, and also the Eskimos
revere whales as totems too.

During shamanic journeys or healing rituals the whales often remind us of the pure, untouched, primordial
condition, unaffected by any influences, injuries or the oblivion of ancient knowledge which came then.

Because whales have existed for a very long time here on earth they can remind us of the eternal powers
and principles which they have carried with them since the beginning of time and all of our history.

With their chants, they envelop us in a healing space where each of us can remenber these principles if
we want to.