About me

Im Tipi

After a phase of difficult times I found my way to a tipi. It is the place where
I first met the spirits in this life. By sitting and meditating at the fire the
animal spirit guides revealed themselves and told their tales.

Through these meditations, a world revealed itself to me; a world that
surprisingly had a lot to do with me and my own life. These stories were
my stories, as told in the language and the images of the animal spirit guides.
This helped me to better understand my dreams and my life's path up to
that point.

So I decided to begin my shamanic initiations at Sinchota's tipi.
Even today I am so very thankful that I had the opportunity to take this
path and do this training. Through all the answers and tools that I acquired
from this experience, I am better prepared to continue on my soul's
journey in this life.

Even before this initiation I already knew my spiritual name:
Grujain - she who carries the wisdom of the whales.

The series of initiations in the tipi opened a door. With the help of the rituals
of the Lakota tradition, I remembered my shamanic past in previous lives and
other cultures, my wisdom about healing as well as my own personal rituals:
My path through the Ages of time.... and I remembered the dream that my
soul dreamed for this lifetime.

I am happy to share this wisdom with others.