Chakra Cleansing

Chakra Lotus

When we behave in ways that we don't want or we say things that we don't mean, the cause
for this may be in the chakra-system.

If a part of us is still connected to a past thought or behavior pattern, we may react in ways
that may have worked in past, but are no longer functional for us now that we are adults,
have a new partner or another workplace.

Old patterns, sometime old injuries, are still active in our energy system: the chakras.

For instance, if we are seeking a new partner, but can't find him/her, it could be that we
haven't completely resolved all of the old issues of a past relationship. Unconsciously we
send the information, "I am taken. I still belong to someone else."

We are then only open and free to have a new future once changes have occurred on all
energy levels. By clearing and cleansing our chakras, our energy system will be freed of the
burdens of the past.

The resonance fields in our cell memories then become freed, thus leaving space for new

Cleansing the chakras can support healing in situations of grief, traumatic life changes,
spiritual work, illness, depression or searching for your true purpose in life.

All possibilities and answers are within us! Our own wisdom and power lie within our own
inner center.

The way to it is the way through our chakras. Our chakras are the key to unlocking this door.


1 h :        EUR    95,--
1,5 h:      EUR  130,--


May all beings blessed and free.