Optimizing your environment with geomantic Feng Shui

For home, office, day-care centers and schools

What is geomantic Feng Shui?

Centre of a temple, Asia

In earlier times Geomantic Feng Shui was common and widely in many

Also here in Europe, churches were once built on the earth's energy
centers. Cathedrals, especially, were built on very strong centers.

The remaining temples of the Mays, Inca, Egyptians and many other
cultures are known to have concentrations of energy due to several
ley-lines connecting at those places.

They were built with careful consideration to the flows of these ley-lines,
as well as of the elemental (fire, water, air, earth) and chakra centers.

The pinciples of the Bagua-Feng Shui is still very familiar throughout
China, though modern building architecture today doesn't always take
it into consideration anymore nowadays.



When the flow of the energy is blocked

On Java          Imagine that you move into a house which was former a butcher shop.
         Imagine that you move into a place that was formerly yoga-center.

         Can you sense the difference?

         Places and buildings absorb and radiate energies. The flow of the energies
         can be impaired or polluted.

         This can be the reasons why some corners of a house don't get warm from the
         heating system, or the reason why there are seats in restaurants where nobody
         want to sit.... or rooms in a house where nobody can stand to stay longer than
         necessary..... or why some business have little or no succuss, despite every effort,
         or why real estate or properties don't find a buyer.

        The cause can possibly be due to enery pollution from the past, broken connections
        with the earth's energy fields and ley-lines or that the purose of the business isn't in
        harmony with the location.

        Just as the enery flow in the human body can be blocked, the energy flow in a flat,
        apartment or a house can likewise be influenced, which can lead to stagnation.

When the energy flows freely, it gives a positive influence to the residents and keeps the rooms in harmony.



The aim of the geomantic Feng Shui:

The aim of the geomantic Feng Shui is to balance the work and living spaces, as well as the harmony between the residents
and the rooms.

Whatever blocks the flows of energy will be dissolved, whereas positive energy flows will be strengthened. Whatever wants to
flow freely, will find a way to do so.

Vitality, creativity and fulfillment can only thrive with positive energy flows.

An energy field can be created which positively empowers the residents and the achievement of their wishes and goals in life.

The constantly changing atmosphere of the rooms is noticeable, regardless of the furnishings. As a rule of thumb, the furniture
shouldn't be unnecessarily rearranged.



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